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Alumni Perks

As an MDM alumnus, your benefits don't stop when you graduate.

MDM graduates get access to all 4 universities' benefits and services PLUS exclusive CDM ones!

With your CDM perks you can:

  • Host workshops: As a MDM alumni, you can partner and use CDM facilities to host workshops or meetup events
  • Attend annual events, like the Welcome BBQ, Annual Charity Poker Night and Industry Showcase
  • Partner with us on industry projects as project sponsors/clients
  • Become a project supervisor or instructor for various MDM and other CDM programs
  • Explore guest speaking and mentoring opportunities within the MDM
  • Share your success stories. Email communications@thecdm.ca if you have a story to share.
  • Post your hiring needs or other opportunities with the growing alumni community
  • Reach out, stay connected and add value to the community anytime

MDM Alumni Contact

Email: alumni-support@thecdm.ca

Phone: 778-370-1015 or toll-free 1-855-737-2666

  • Access to thousands of online journals
  • Discounts and offers from many different partners like Broadway Across Canada, Sparkling Hill Resort, and Vancouver Canucks
  • Discount on event and meeting venues

What you need to access your perks: free alumni card. Request yours online or pick it up at Vancouver and Okanagan locations.

UBC Alumni Contact: alumni.ubc@ubc.ca

Phone: 604-822-3313 or toll-free: 1-800-883-3088

  • Access campus services
  • Join an SFU alumni group in your part of the world
  • Save on Continuing Studies programs

What you need to access your perks: Your SFU student card. There is no need to fill out any applications or wait to get your card in mail.

SFU Alumni Contact: alumni@sfu.ca

Phone: 778-782-4723 or toll-free (N America): 1-800-998-4723

  • Get a discount at The Network Hub
  • Save on Niagara Vintage Wine Tours  
  • Discount on Henry’s camera products and services

What you need to access your perks: No access card needed, but you have to contact the alumni services for information on how to get the discount.

Emily Carr Alumni Contact: alumni@ecuad.ca

Phone: 604-844-3870

  • Discounted access to BCIT Recreation Services
  • Preferred rates for home & life insurance and more
  • Discount on online career support and tools

What you need to access your perks: A BCIT Alumni Perks membership, which is free to alumni. Please check online for details.

BCIT Alumni Contact: alumni@bcit.ca

Phone: 604-432-8847 or toll-free: 1-877-432-8847

Want to share your story with us?

Contact CDM's Marketing & Communications team: communications@thecdm.ca.

MDM Alumni Angela Hamilton

MDM Alumni Kareem Negm