The CDM is home to the Master of Digital Media program, a world class, professional graduate program, inspired by cutting-edge research and industry innovation.

Our Industry Partners Include

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New Avenues: A Student’s Exploratory Journey Through the MDM
A few years ago, I spent ten days at a meditation retreat. No talking, no screens, no books: just m...
GPS, WiFi, and iBeacons: Providing a Natural Digital Media Experience
Indoor positioning is the final frontier to providing a truly natural digital media experience for ...
Pitch Perfect! MDM Students Prepare to Pitch Their Startup Ideas
There’s extra energy in the CDM hallways these days, and it comes from startup adrenaline. A coup...

What Partners are Saying

  • [The MDM Program] has a really nice mix because it's forefronting both—the need to really understand what artistic expression is and the discipline of that, and also the need to completely embrace the new and emerging tools with which to do it.
    Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science, NYU
  • The MDM Program builds upon solid academic fundamentals, and mixes that with industry expertise and experience, preparing students for leadership positions in our industry upon graduation.
    Don Mattrick, CEO, Zynga
Vancouver: Responsive Design for Beginners: Build Mobile Friendly Websites with HTML5 & CSS3
WHY HTML5 & RESPONSIVE DESIGN?For this workshop, we are going to take a super crazy, complicate...
Psychology for Digital Behavior Change (2-3 day workshop)
Practical ▪ Scientific ▪ EasyOver 2-days, you’ll learn to build online products that are more...
May 21st: Tomorrow’s Master of Digital Media program
The Tomorrow’s Master of Digital Media Program This groundbreaking intensive summer boot camp for...