The CDM is home to the Master of Digital Media program, a world class, professional graduate program, inspired by cutting-edge research and industry innovation.

Our Industry Partners Include

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Looking Back: A Retrospective of my First Semester in the Master of Digital Media program
In our project management lessons, we learnt the importance of doing a retrospective – so here it...
Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Media: MDM Alumni Interview with Karin Schmidlin
As the number of alumni grow from the Master of Digital Media program, it’s fascinating to see wh...
The Story of Mineblock: A Master of Digital Media Venture Internship
The Story of Mineblock: Designing a Meta ProductEvery once in a while we are presented with opportu...

What Partners are Saying

  • [The MDM Program] has a really nice mix because it's forefronting both—the need to really understand what artistic expression is and the discipline of that, and also the need to completely embrace the new and emerging tools with which to do it.
    Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science, NYU
  • The MDM Program builds upon solid academic fundamentals, and mixes that with industry expertise and experience, preparing students for leadership positions in our industry upon graduation.
    Don Mattrick, CEO, Zynga
Live Webinar January 30th: Learn about the MDM program
Interested in finding out more about the Master of Digital Media program?Join us for a live informa...