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GNW Trust

Great Northern Way Campus Trust (GNW Trust) was established by the academic shareholders (UBC, SFU, ECU and BCIT) to manage the lands, assets and income on behalf of the four institutions. Over the past 17 years GNW Trust has worked to realize the Shareholders' vision and transforming the former industrial property into a vibrant digital district which today includes the Centre for Digital Media buildings, a new Emily Carr University of Art + Design campus, mixed-use real estate developments, public open space, student residences, art galleries, and tech start-up space for industry professionals.

Guided by the four Shareholders, a Board of Directors, advisory Committee’s and a dedicated management team, GNW Trust manages and operates real estate development and property management, financial and endowment management and supports the academic programs at the Centre for Digital Media, including the Master of Digital Media graduate degree program.

Development of the District will take place over two phases that align with the construction of the Provincial Broadway Subway Project (a pre- and post-Subway phase). Currently the majority of pre-Subway sites have been developed with the second and final phase of development to be completed post-Subway construction (estimated 2025).

GNW Trust is also responsible for a variety of programs and initiatives to ensure the District is a vibrant and interesting place to work, study and visit. These include a variety of partnerships and initiatives such as:

  • food and services such as our food truck zone
  • health and wellness including free public yoga
  • events and activities
  • amenities and features: fitness gym and maker space (coming soon)

Board of Directors:

Bill Cunningham, Chair (Independent Representative)

Alison Blair (SFU Representative)

Michael Clifford (ECU Representative)

Pam Ratner (UBC Representative)

Trish Kelley (ECU Representative)

Trish Pekeles (BCIT Representative)

Julie Taylorson (Independent Representative)

Lisa Castle (Independent Representative)

Michal Jaworski (Independent Representative)

Monica Morgan (Independent Representative)

Pauline Moller (Independent Representative)

Ryan Nadel (Independent Representative)

Advisory Committees:

Academic Governance and Strategic Planning Committee

Audit and Finance Committee

Governance and Compensation Committee

Real Estate Committee

GNW Trust Staff:

Alyssa Weyrauch, Director of Finance, alyssa_weyrauch@thecdm.ca

Christopher Hindle, Director of Governance and Administration, chris_hindle@thecdm.ca

Christy Daytec, Staff Accountant, christy_daytec@thecdm.ca

Devon Harlos, Development Planning Coordinator, devon_harlos@thecdm.ca

Graham Winterbottom, Director of Real Estate and Community Development, graham_winterbottom@thecdm.ca

Contact Us:

GNW Trust at the Centre for Digital Media

140-577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver, BC  V5T 1E1