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Pre-Master of Digital Media Webinar: September 27

Group of students outside under a tree

Join us to learn about the Pre-Master of Digital Media Program (Pre-MDM), a two-semester English for Specialized Purposes program.

In this webinar, we’ll review the program and how it will enhance your English communication skills in the Digital Media field for professional and academic purposes. We'll also cover how the program will prepare you for Master of Digital Media.

Use the form below to register for the webinar. We will send you a Zoom link in advance of the webinar start date.

Date: September 27, 8pm-9pm (PT)


Designed for English as a second language students

This program enhances students’ English communication skills in the Digital Media field for both professional and academic purposes. 


Hands-on learning

Students will engage in workshops and lectures with the goal of building their vocabulary, fluency, and coherence. Students will also build teamwork and project management skills that are directly applicable to CDM’s MDM program and industry. 


Direct pathway to MDM 

Students admitted into the Pre-MDM program receive a conditional offer to the MDM program as qualifying students. Once students graduate from Pre-MDM, they enter the MDM program the following Fall. No additional English language test is required.


Why Enroll in Pre-MDM? 

  • Strengthen communication and presentation skills, teamwork capabilities, and critical thinking skills. 
  • Build intercultural communication skills to better work with diverse people 
  • Gain practical marketing writing skills and the ability to write for social media 
  • Get English training for Digital Media in an English for Specialized Purposes (ESP) program. 
  • Learn methodologies and software for rapid prototyping; concept development; pitching, presenting and documentation; pipeline development, integration and asset management; and interaction with industry clients. 


Experiential learning 

Students will simulate real-world client projects, explore Vancouver on field trips to better understand local culture, and engage in conversation clubs. All these experiences will help students develop their English skills in a holistic and well-rounded way. 


In this 9-month program, I learned how to express myself, communicate in English, and work effectively with my classmates. This program is more than a language learning experience – it is also a chance to immerse myself in a new learning environment and grow in ways I never thought possible

Liting, Pre-MDM Alumnus



Online seminar or conference.