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10th Anniversary Homecoming Event Recap

Oct 16, 2017 By Chris Sroka

September 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Master of Digital Media program and the opening of the Centre for Digital Media at the Great Northern Way Campus. To celebrate this unique collaboration between UBC, SFU, ECUAD, and BCIT, we hosted a homecoming for our alumni, faculty, and all those involved from industry and academia who contributed to realizing this unique academic experience. We celebrate with them "Community, Collaboration and Transformation," the hallmarks of the MDM and the CDM.

The Centre for Digital Media has many reasons to celebrate:

  • We’re still flourishing - given the origins of the program and the unusual funding model and four partner institutions which is unlike any other program, this is an achievement in itself.
  • We have over 350 graduates, from the humble beginning of just over 20 students in our first year.
  • We remain at the cutting edge of our field, in no small part because of our programmatic link to partners; we have to be relevant because our students and industry partners require it.
  • We have had 19 spin off companies.
  • We have 5 students who’ve gone on to do a Ph.D and one has already graduated.
  • We have almost a dozen students teaching digital media themselves at universities, colleges and institutes across Canada.
  • Our model - of curriculum embedded applied research and development projects with industry partners - is both difficult to manage and incredibly rewarding; and we currently do 20-25 projects per year, each project involving 5 or more students, each student working 30+ hours per week for 13 weeks - what amounts to 40,000 person hours of applied research and development for (mainly BC) companies every single year. Almost about 20 percent of those hours are going to non-profit organizations and university research projects.
  • While 40% of our grads go into the game industry, the other 60% are active across the economy in very diverse fields, making the transition to digital, interactive media feasible and fun.
  • Our graduation placement rate - people working in the industry within a few months of graduation - is close to 100%.

The evening began with over 400 MDM alumni, students and industry partners arriving and reconnecting.

The formal program began at 6:30 with opening speeches from MDM director Richard Smith, GNW President Catherine Warren, founding faculty Glenn Entis and MDM alumni (Cohort 1) Ashley Blacquiere with the talks being hosted by MDM Faculty Patrick Pennefather.

MDM faculty member Dr. Patrick Pennefather

MDM Director Dr. Richard Smith

GNW President Catherine Warren

Glenn Entis

MDM Alumni Ashley Blacquiere

MDM alumni (Cohort 1) Yangos Hadijyannis created two videos to celebrate the event.

Alumni Accomplishments 

Alumni Mosaic

MDM Alumni Yangos Hadijyannis

DigiBC then had a follow-up reception outside to celebreate the 20th Anniversary of DigiBC.

The CDM wants to thank the alumni, industry partners, volunteers and guests who were a part of this fantastic evening.

Alumni Mosaic 

The people behind the MDM from the beginning until now.

MDM alumni speakers corner. The testimonials from our grads can be found on our instagram page (here)

Alumni T-shirt pickup 

Click here for more information on the 10th Anniversary of the Centre for Digital Media and here for more information on DigiBC's 20th Anniversary.