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4 Ways MDM Students Are Exploring Digital Media in Healthcare

Oct 28, 2019 By Crissy Campbell

It's an exciting time for digital media in healthcare. Whether it’s using cutting edge technology to help teach medical school students about the brain or using VR to help kids cope with painful procedures and to help with stroke treatment, the innovation happening in the healthcare sector is exciting.

The Centre for Digital Media is proud to be involved in projects that explore how digital media can improve healthcare. Here are 4 health-related projects that Master of Digital Media students have recently worked on.

Interactive Toy Robot For Children With Autism

MDM Student Team Ameegos

Client: YDX Innovation

Problem: The client wanted the team to build a mobile companion app that integrated emotion recognition features, visual schedules and reminders.

Solution: The team built Miigo, an interactive toy robot for children with autism.

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Neuroscience Educational Game

Client: Dr Claudia Krebbs, Professor of Teaching, Cellular & Physiological Sciences, Anatomy, Neuroanatomy at UBC Faculty of Medicine

Problem: To create an engaging game to use as an educational tool in learning neuroscience.

Solution: The project was worked on by two different student teams throughout two semesters. In the first semester, students took existing neuroanatomy resources and built a mobile game for medical students to help them better memorize brain structures for their neuroanatomy courses. In the second semester, the team added new engagement mechanics and a leaderboard concept to allow medical students from different universities to compete with each other.

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Website For Teaching Cultural Humility In Healthcare

MDM student team Reach

Client: First Nations Health Authority

Problem: To build a platform to allow healthcare practitioners to pledge their commitment to Cultural Humility.

Solution: The team built a pledge website for healthcare practitioners and provided the client with a comprehensive communications strategy that introduced the concept of Cultural Safety and Humility and came up with a 3-step system that encouraged understanding before pledging commitment. 

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Cultural Humility Microsite

Cultural Lessons in healthcare

Virtual Reality CPR Training Platform

MDM Student Team Clear

Client: CanHealth International

Problem: To develop an independent and fully immersive learning experience for CPR training.

Solution: The project created a blended virtual and physical environment to enhance the trainer and trainee experience. Creating scenes closer to real-world environments and better tracking of compressions, speed and efficiency on a CPR training manikin were prototyped and testing in a ‘gamified’ like experience.

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