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Alumni Launch Educational App for English Learners

Jun 12, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

 V7 Entertainment, a Vancouver start-up company by MDM Alumni, launched a new app last week called English Pup. English Pup is a 3D educational app for kids who are learning English, that features games and various activities that teach English vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. 

The app, which is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, was soft launched in Canada last week and was already featured in the App Store this past weekend. The iOS app is being launched in most other countries this week along with an Android version.

"Discovering that English Pup was featured on the App Store was a great moment. It's our first mobile app and having it featured gives it an opportunity to really shine," says V7 Entertainment’s Founder and Director Mike Torillo.

Designed for kids ages 4 to 10 years old learning English as a Second Language, English Pup engages kids through puzzles, matching games, spelling, and interactivity with characters, animals and other objects. It’s been praised in the App Store for its fun and simplicity.

V7 Entertainment was created in 2010 with 6 MDM students after they graduated from the program.  They’ve been working on other titles but this is their first mobile app. The company partnered with the MDM program as an Industry Partner this past fall and English Pup was a student Industry Project, where students provided the 2D concept art and 3D assets for the game. When asked about what it was like working with MDM students, Torillo says,

Teaming up with the students was a great experience. The amount of creativity in the MDM was fantastic and really helped the project come to life. The team was open, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. Their contributions to our app, English Pup, exceeded our expectations.

Watch a demo of the English Pup app:

Download the app in the App Store.