Apartments @ Centre for Digital Media to Get Creative Boost from Student Designs

From acceptance to completion of a Masters of Digital Media or Executive Masters of Digital Media degree, creativity is key. Centre for Digital Media students are known for their creative excellence and will soon have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for years to come.

The Centre’s new building, which will also house Apartments @ Centre for Digital Media, is currently under construction and is slated for completion in August 2012. In order to allow students to showcase their creativity, current students have been invited to take part in a contest that will allow them to design unique, one-off doors for each apartment in the new building.

With each floor having its own colour theme (red, blue and silver, respectively), students will be keeping doors within these schemes. Door design, however, is entirely up to students, and promises to offer a diverse and exciting feel for the brand new halls of Apartments @ Centre for Digital Media.

Stay posted for more, as we’ll be posting student door designs in the coming months!