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Cohort 7 Un-Graduation Party

Aug 15, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

Centre for Digital Media held a "un-graduation" party for Cohort 7’s Master of Digital Media students on Monday, August 12th. 

This was the beginning of a new era. Previous MDM student cohorts did their internships in the middle of the program so they had a formal graduation ceremony at Centre for Digital Media at the end of their programs. But things changed this year. After spending over 11 intense months with each other the students will go out to their internships around the world, perhaps never to see their fellow students again. They do not actually graduate until July 2014, where they will be attending the traditional pomp and circumstance of the SFU Convocation.

However, they needed to celebrate and mark the end of their time together before moving on to their internships, so they organized an "un-graduation" party.  Like all things done in this program, it was creative and non-traditional.

MDM students at their award reception

The party started with an awards ceremony with family and friends on Monday afternoon. Not your typical awards ceremony, Oscar-shaped chocolate awards were given out to students in categories such as "Best Dressed", "Biggest Nerd",  "Best Presenter", "Most Dependable" and "Biggest Game Addict."

The ceremony also included speeches from faculty members, student videos and a heartfelt speech from the chosen student speaker, Patrick Truman.

Before and after the untraditional awards ceremony there was time to mingle with family and friends in the CDM lobby with appies and desserts. Students, staff and faculty (and a couple of dogs) got to mingle with the students and their friends and families and of course take lots and lots of pictures.

Later, there was a boat cruise from Vancouver's Coal Harbour, out to English Bay and up the Burrard Inlet. 

Students enjoying the boat cruise

We enjoyed dinner, drinks, hanging out with friends and the gorgeous view of Vancouver from the water.

View of Vancouver from the boat cruise

Although classes are finished, many C7 students will still be around the Centre for Digital Media, either living in the CDM apartments, working on their Venture Internships or just dropping by to say hi and to greet incoming MDM students in September. 

Congratulations C7's and all the best on your internships. The CDM will always be your home!

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