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Consumer VR Developer Workshops Presented with Archiact

Jul 05, 2017 By Chris Sroka

On May 6th, 2017 the Centre of Digital Media presented several developer workshops at the Consumer Virtual Reality show at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC in partnership with Archiact. CVR is a world-class immersive VR and AR three-day event dedicated to both consumer and industry VR media. Faculty member Dr. Patrick Pennefather alongside several MDM students and industry partners presented various topics surrounding VR at the event.

How to fly a spaceship in VR with a Vive, 3D printer, advanced mods and an Arduino.

These videos represent several that were presented at the Consumer VR Conference’s virtual reality developer workshops co-produced by the Centre for Digital Media and Archiact. Sessions were designed keeping to address the complexity and rapid changes to the world of Virtual Reality, as it is persistently challenging developers to learn new approaches to creating VR experiences. As the field of VR has been around for quite some time there are developers of all levels of experience who have as much to learn as they have to share. 


A retail VR experience that solved a sales problem for a baby store in Vancouver.

The vision of this day of learning at CVR was founded in the philosophy that we are all teachers and learners; that continuing to support a community of VR practitioners where knowledge can be shared will benefit everyone. Various levels of expertise in different aspects of VR production were represented, with a focus on teaching workflow on VR development projects that solved specific problems or used specific tools to support a VR project that has either been made public or is still in development. The event was well attended with the physical venue 75% full at any one time and total streaming traffic of 1600. Special thanks to Mateo Cano for access to the footage.


Anne-Marie Hens -- Event Producer/Organizer

Patrick Pennefather – Learning Day Design, Moderator

Maria Herrera -- Production Coordinator

Nicolas Ayerbe -- Video Documentation

Yangos Hadjiyannis -- Consultant

Jimmz Zhang --- DJ

Mateo Cano -- CDM Technical Coordinator/Video Documentation

Archiact has partnered with the CDM as an Industry Partner before. Take a look at the project that was completed with student team 5 Flags.