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Dr. Gerri Sinclair Leaves Centre for Digital Media In Strong Position

Mar 08, 2010 By Anonymous

March 5, 2010 (Vancouver, BC.) After 3 and ½ years building and leading the Masters for Digital Media Program at Vancouver’s Great Northern Way Campus, Dr. Gerri Sinclair is leaving her position as Executive Director of the program as of August 31, 2010.

“After building this program from start-up into a successful, exemplary graduate program that stands as a model of innovative collaboration among the four academic partner institutions and industry, the time is right for me to go back to the private sector,” says Dr. Sinclair.

“I have been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our talented MDM students, and now want to focus on consulting and building new companies within the exciting digital media industry in British Columbia. I intend to stay on as Special Advisor to the program continuing to develop strong partnerships with industry as well as to continue focusing on the commercialization of digital media through my position as Executive Director of the GRAND (Graphics, Animation and New Media) Network of Centres of Excellence,” says Dr.Sinclair.

“My time at MDM has been rewarding and enjoyable,” says Dr. Sinclair. “I am most proud that a strong entrepreneurial spirit has taken deep roots with seven businesses having already been created by the first two graduating classes of students.”

“Dr. Sinclair has done a remarkable job in building a thriving MDM Program and, more importantly, for its students,” says GNWC Chair Jamie Bruce. “The MDM Program at GNWC is now established as an important contributor to Vancouver’s growing digital media industry. We are delighted that she will continue to advise the program and will maintain her position as Executive Director of the recently-announced GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence, an important new initiative to be based at GNWC.”

Contact: Jamie Bruce, GNWC Board Chair (604) 718-6800