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Field Trip to the Centre for Digital Media

Apr 29, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

Grade 3 and 4 students from Henry Hudson Elementary came to the Centre for Digital Media for a field trip last week.

Twenty-four students, along with their teacher Dominic Maggiolo, came to learn about what we do here and see what students learn in the Master of Digital Media program.

The field trip was meant to show the students what they can do with the math, science and art they are learning in the classroom. It was a chance to demonstrate some real-world applications to what they are learning, such as coding basics, collaboration, critical thinking and project-based learning.

Dennis Chenard explained what the Centre for Digital Media is and what students learn in the Master of Digital Media program and then MDM students presented some of their work. 

Dylan Matthias and Palle Hauge Peterson demonstrated the game prototype that they developed last semester, Anthymn, which combines interactive music with MMORPG game play.

Next, Rafael Vazquez presented Pix, a venture internship project that he worked on last summer, where the team created vertical game slice that demonstrates the Leap Motion controller’s potential.

The students learned that, while it looks easy, developing a video game is difficult and can require a lot of people and years to have a game that is ready for the public to play. 

D'Arcy Smith showing students his lego robot

D’Arcy Smith then showed the students the Raspberry Pi that he’s using for his pitched project next semester and he demoed the robot that he build with this BCIT class, Advanced Topics in Programming Methodology, using lego. 

Students playing Kim Voll's game RocketsRocketsRockets

Lastly, the students got to test out faculty member Kim Voll’s game that is being released this week, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. This was definitely the highlight of the field trip—the whole room was cheering for the winner and the students said that it was the best game they’d ever played!

They were an enthusiastic group and really enjoyed the CDM. Hopefully some were inspired to apply to the Master of Digital Media program in the future!