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In Memory of the Victims of the Flight 752 Tragedy

Jan 13, 2020 By Crissy Campbell

A message from MDM Program Director Richard Smith in the wake of the plane crash in Iran.

We at the Centre for Digital Media wish to express our condolences to all who were affected by the crash of Ukraine Airlines 752.

We have all been affected by this tragedy. We were deeply saddened to learn that that one of the victims, a post-doctoral researcher at UBC, was a resident in the CDM Apartments upstairs, bringing things even closer to home. We extend our deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Dr. Mehran Abtahi.

We don’t have a flagpole at the CDM, but if we did, the flag would be lowered as are flags at the campuses of our partner universities.

Please be (extra) kind to each other these days. We are all a family and families are especially important in times like this.

MDM students can take advantage of the services provided by SFU, including any of the following services:

Members of the SFU community who have been impacted by this tragedy can access free, confidential 24/7 counselling support. Students can access mental health supports 24/7 via the My SSP app or by calling 1-844-451-9700; students in distress or needing assistance are also encouraged to seek support from SFU Health and Counselling Services at 778-782-4615 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Students, staff, and faculty will commemorate the life of Dr. Mehran Abtahi today at the CDM.

Statements from our partner universities:

UBC’s Statement

The UBC post mentions Dr. Mehran Abtahi who lived in the CDM Apartments. He joined UBC in October of last year as a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of civil engineering. Some additional details are available in an article in the Vancouver Sun.

SFU’s Statement

Emily Carr University’s Statement

Richard Smith
Director, Master of Digital Media Program