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Former Canadian Senator Engages MDM Students For Interactive Project

Jan 13, 2009 By Anonymous

Former Canadian Senator Pat Carney, her brother CBC Veteran Jim Carney and historian Robin Inglis are working with the students of the MDM Program to create a rich, interactive platform showcasing the fascinating history and lore of the Gulf Islands. The platform plays a pivotal role in a larger project to develop heritage tourism and support local artists in British Columbia, Canada and hopefully extended to other parts of the world. 

The students will focus on the untold story of Spanish explorers who were the first Europeans to these waters. Saturna, Galiano, Valdez, Quadra and Alberni are but a few British Columbian coastal place names whose origins are Spanish. Who were these adventurers? Why were they here? And how did they change the course of history? These are the essential questions that will be explored using the latest technology.

Photographed LtoR (standing): Josh Kho, Aerlyn Weissman, Stephen Marmion, Mark Freeman, George Johnson  (Faculty Lead), Gerri Sinclair (Executive Director, MDM), SuYon Sohn. (Seated) Jim Carney, Pat Carney, Robin Inglis.  

Currently, MDM students are working a total of ten industry-funded projects of which this is one. The projects range from video games, social networking applications, interactive narratives, digital art installations and next-generation brand development.