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Globe & Mail - Time to embrace your avatar

Jun 02, 2008 By Anonymous

The Globe & Mail's Report on Business section featured an interview with the Masters of Digital Media Program's own Executive Director Dr. Gerri Sinclair on June 2.

The interview covered Gerri's thoughts on avatars, ubiquitous computing and the road from academia to business to academia and her latest business venture.

From the article:

How did you go from a PhD in Renaissance drama to a high-tech entrepreneur?
I had this major epiphany when I got involved in computer technology - first for word processing, but also to teach my son basic programming. I realized drama was moving from the stage and television right to the computer screen. That's where dramatic events would unfold from here on in.
When you look at computer programming, you are looking at code. It's not all that different in an abstract way from a screenplay or the text of a play.

Watch this video at the Globe & Mail's Report on Business