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HAWT Design Workshop Back by Popular Demand

Sep 17, 2008 By Anonymous

Industry leaders Glenn Entis and Tom Wujec with EA veteran Rick Stringfellow introduced first year MDM students to  the HAWT Design Workshop, an innovative approach to collaborative digital media creation.  The day-long session, held during the first week of class, encouraged teamwork, critical thinking, and the use of visual communication tools and techniques to explore topics and present key learnings. Equipped with markers, Post-it notes, and an open mind, the MDM student body, strangers but a week ago, gelled into productive and creative teams.

The workshop significantly impacted last year’s MDM students. So much so, they strongly suggested that the session be offered to the incoming cohort earlier in the academic year. Last year, the design session was offered several months into the program. Still, the students immediately saw the benefits when they implemented the methodology to their industry-funded projects resulting in improved workflow and increased creativity.

The methodology designed and taught by Glenn and Tom is especially applicable to the digital media and entertainment industry where iterative development is prevalent.  Iterative development is a process where a program or product is developed in and repeatedly reviewed in small sections.  Within this framework, the skills and tools taught in this workshop will assist MDM students in their coursework, projects and throughout their professional careers.  

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