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IDEA-X 2013 Final Student Projects

Mar 07, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

IDEA-X 2013 students presented their final projects to faculty, students and Beijing delegates last week.

Nineteen students and 2 faculty members from the Communication University of China came to the Centre for Digital Media at the beginning of February for IDEA-X, a 4-week digital media boot camp.

IDEA-X students working on their final game projects at the Centre for Digital Media

IDEA-X is meant to immerse international students in rapid prototyping and collaborative design while giving them an opportunity to network and meet industry leaders.

Andrew von Rosenbach, former Development Manager at EA and IDEA-X facilitator says, "The IDEA-X experience is built around a few principles, and one of them is 'the result is not as important as the process.' It's not so much about what you've built, but what you've learned or proved through building it. One of the strengths of the program is it's focus on the relationship between design and project management, and the emphasis placed on transforming great ideas into feasible ideas. What can you actually achieve in a month's time with the team you've built? How can you translate your design ideas into a workable plan that you can adapt to the challenges inherent in rapid prototyping? It's a unique experience that translates well into professional contexts."

When asked why von Rosenbach chose to run the program, he replied "As an alumni of the CDM, I'm always drawn back there. The [MDM] degree completely changed my thought process and the way I approach problems, and I still do my best thinking in that building. AAA gaming at a company like EA is an intense environment to say the least, but the IDEA-X program lets me bring that intense focus to a purely creative academic environment, where I'm able to guide and teach groups of highly talented and capable students. This most recent session was no exception—the student projects blew me away with their level of polish, and the students comported themselves with the utmost professionalism. It is always a humbling experience, and it's what keeps me coming back."

For the Centre for Digital Media, it’s a great chance to build international relationships. As Jeannette Kopak, Director of Business Development and Operations says, "We started the IDEA-x program to expose CUC students to our unique collaboration style. This enables us to do collaborative projects remotely with them when they return home. It's been a great experience for both schools."

Students had 4 weeks to go through the product development lifecycle for a motion-activated game or mobile app—everything from idea to iteration. The students were given 48 hours to develop a prototype and 9 working days to build their app or game.

The projects that the students developed this year were outstanding. They included:

Missing: A singles-meeting app where users can post and receive messages based on their GPS location.

Hi-Fun: A Kinect-based game to help patients who have sports injuries to rehabilitate at home by choosing a part of the body that needs exercise. Users then play a game based on that exercise.

Wall is Coming: A motion game for parties based on Kinect. Players make different poses to match the shape in the Wall and their poses are rated based on how accurate they are.

Shoot the Chook: A motion-controlled chicken shooting game made by Unity3d and Kinect. Watch a demo: