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IDEA-X Students Develop Working Prototypes for 3 Games and an Interactive Video in 2 Weeks

Sep 04, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

Students from the Communication University of China (CUC) recently pitched their game prototypes to a panel of MDM faculty, as part of CDM's 4th IDEA-X program. In addition to the presentation of their prototypes, each team reflected on what they had learned over the four-week period of the program. 

The 19 students, who were at the CDM for most of August, began the program by learning foundational concepts and skills, including ideation, brainstorming, agile management, storytelling and pitching.

Once they learned the basics, they formed into groups and pitched digital media projects—two teams pitched Kinect-based games, one team pitched a Leap Motion Game and one team pitched an animation project.

The students were then given 48 hours to develop a prototype for their project and 9 working days to build the game or animation.

Learning By Doing

The IDEA-X program is a chance for Chinese students to learn skills that they wouldn’t normally learn in China. At the Centre for Digital Media, the faculty focuses on process and 'learning by doing.'

In both the IDEA-X program and the Master of Digital Media program, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge to a project and, using collaboration and agile management techniques, see if they are able to complete the project they set out for themselves. In the end, it isn’t about the completed project. The real learning happens through the process of creating the product.

By learning these skills, IDEA-X students increase their job prospects and well as their educational opportunities if they wish to pursue further studies in North America. A number of IDEA-X students have gone on to complete the Master of Digital Media program, and we have 2 students from the IDEA-X program we held in February starting this Fall.

IDEA-X Project Prototypes

The projects that the IDEA-X students developed in 2 weeks were outstanding. They included: 

Keeper: A Kinect motion game where players use their hands to collect funny objects, including baseballs and bras. 

Free: A Kinect music game where players punch to beat of the music to get points. 

Vancouver Summer: An interactive choose-you-own adventure animation video where audiences can choose the ending. 

Bling: A Chinese Brush painting game that uses the Leap Motion controller.