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Lunchtime Speaker Series in Preparation for 10th Anniversary Homecoming Event

Apr 12, 2017 By Chris Sroka

The CDM is very fortunate to have close connections with both its alumni and digital media industry leaders. Almost every week guest speakers representing the diverse areas in various industries visit the CDM to share their knowledge and experience with the Masters of Digital Media students about a wide range of topics surrounding digital media. They cover topics ranging from AR/VR to entrepreneurship to preparing a portfolio. Since the beginning of the term the CDM has been recording interviews with these speakers before their lunchtime talks and they are being published to Youtube, appropriately titled the “Lunchtime Speaker Series.” These short interviews details how each speaker is a part of the digital media industry as well as give insights into the topics of their talks to the students.

Angela Hamilton, MDM alumni and co-founder of Quupe, came by to talk to the students about entrepreneurship and turning a pitch-project into a business.

The lunchtime speaker series is just one example of how integrated the local digital media industry is to the CDM. Industry leaders and alumni  act as mentors to project teams, provide career mentorship and participate in expert panels.  The CDM will be building on these relationships and talks to expand our lunchtime series into a Speaker Series to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CDM. To celebrate this successful of the collaboration between UBC, SFU, ECUAD and BCIT, we will kick off our 10th Anniversary speaker series in September 2017. More details will be announced as they are finalized.

David Ascher, formerly with Mozilla, gave his thoughts on the type of "hybrid" graduates the MDM produces. 

Check out all of the “Lunchtime Speaker Series” videos out now on our Youtube channel, and make sure to follow @Centredigimedia on twitter to keep up with new videos that will be released (#lunchtimespeakerseries).