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Master CEO Gerri In All Of Her Alien Glory In Halo 3

Oct 07, 2009 By Anonymous

3D Platform New Take on Interview Location

Last week, CEO of the Centre for Digital Media Gerri Sinclair gave a live interview as part of Picnic 2009, a three-day festival/conference merging media, technology, entertainment, art and science held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This in itself is no big deal as Gerri is often interviewed. The difference is that she conducted it in Halo. For those non-gamers out there, Halo is a widely popular sci-fi based first-person shooter videogame played in a multiplayer setting.

Her interviewer Chris Burke, otherwise known as Halo character Damian Lacedaemion, is also the producer of the award-winning talk show The Spartan Life . TSL is filmed entirely in the Halo platform. Before the show starts, interviewers equip themselves with their favourite weapon and along with guide Damian recon the environment, shoot rounds of ammo and look for ‘bad guys’ all the while answering questions about the industry. In Gerri’s case, she spoke about her work in virtual worlds, gaming and the changing nature of narrative which according to Damian made her “the perfect guest for TSL”.

The interview is posted here. Gerri is introduced at the 10 minute mark.