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MDM Electives: From AI, Interactive Narrative, Production Tools and Digital Fine Art Practices

Jan 13, 2009 By Anonymous

After a well-earned break over the holidays, MDM students, faculty and staff are ready to tackle 2009. Students are working full-time on industry-funded projects with the exception of Tuesdays which is dedicated to electives. Students were given the opportunity to enroll in an ‘elective’ course offered at one of MDM’s partner institutions (UBC, SFU, ECUAD and BCIT). Alternately, they could choose from four diverse classes hosted at the Centre for Digital Media.  Each elective runs concurrently for 13 weeks. The four offered at the CDM include:

Artificial Intelligence
Faculty: Harold Chaput
This course will explore how artificial intelligence applies to digital media. Students will look at intelligence from a both a technical/scientific approach as well as an experiential/qualitative approach. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand, identify and discuss applied AI techniques, particularly game AI. Students will also be able to use AI techniques to develop compelling digital media experiences.

Towards Interactive Story
Faculty: George Johnson
In this course, students will create a series of models for handling basic story components in interactive media, especially in the video game medium. The models will include film techniques, because many are, and will remain, extremely useful. The class will also discuss and experiment with models that try to use elements of game play to create and develop story narratives.

Production Tools for Producers  (PTP)
Faculty: Patrick Pennefather (and guests)
The PTP will comprise four different arenas of production: Flash Animation, Maya Modeling, After FX Motion Graphics Integrated into Premiere Video Editing and Protools Audio Production for Voice Over and Mastering. The individual components of PTP will be project oriented. In other words, students will add titles, transitions, other motion graphics, voice over recordings and modeling elements to existing projects.

Digital Fine Art Practices
Faculty: Ian Verchere
In this class, students will be introduced to Digital Fine Art Practices including critical analysis and applicable technologies. DFAP will provide a social and discursive platform for introducing and discussing digital-native fine art practices. The outcome will be the creation of self-directed project based on current practices in digital art.