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MDM Executive Director Profiled in Canadian Business

Aug 18, 2008 By Anonymous

Canadian Business, a leading Canadian business publication, featured an exclusive "Live & Learn" profile of MDM executive director, Dr. Gerri Sinclair. Gerri opened up about her life as a CEO, the Vic 20 (with 8K of RAM) epiphany, the ‘no quarter’ approach to negotiating with Microsoft and the tremendous impact of virtual worlds. Here's the July 21st article in full.

The article was accompanied by a photo of Dr. Sinclair partaking in her other passion... driving. Here she is with Canadian Business photographer, Darrell Lacoeur, heading out to the photo shoot.

Canadian Business’ “Live and Learn” section has profied everyone from entrepreneurs like Jeff Skoll, K.Y. Ho and Hal Jackman, to high-powered executives like Charles Bronfman, Laurent Beaudoin, and Ted Rogers; from politicians like Paul Martin Jr., Bob Rae, and Bill Davis, to thinkers like John Kenneth Galbraith, David Suzuki, and Henry Mintzberg. Even entertainers like Paul Anka have sat for an interview.