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MDM Games Nominated for Elans, International Awards in Video Games, Animation and Visual Effects

Mar 16, 2009 By Anonymous

Deguiyu (pronounced De-gwai-yu) and The Booty Bandit, two Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program projects, were nominated for this year’s Elans in the Student Video Game category.  The Elans is an international awards show that recognizes and honours the best in Video Games, Animation and Visual Effects. Winners will be announced on April 25.

The two games, produced by students enrolled in the Masters of Digital Media Program, could not be more different. However, they do share a common trait; one of exploring and pushing the boundaries in the digital media space. 

The Booty Bandit is the a 3D pirate themed ball-flinging, booty-grabbing game playable on PC and MAC. In a virtual platform, the adventure beings when the gamer’s avatar, a pirate, is shot out of a cannon. Flying through the air, the pirate collects loot, avoids deadly targets, and maneuvers his/her way through a surreal carnival fantasy.

The team includes:  Dave Marhal, Ken Pratt, Christine Jung, Brian Ford, May Tang, Luke Johnson, Fouad Hafiz and Liam Kelly

Visit The Booty Bandit to enter the adventurous world of pirating. 

Deguiyu is the first ARG (alternate reality game) that blends web content and a console game (Xbox LIve's Community Games Platform). With a e-waste/information control back story, it’s part digital treasure hunt, conspiracy theory and multi-platform experience. True to ARGs, Deguiyu slowly unveils its narrative, clue by clue.

Deguiyu's team includes: Bryant Davey, SuYon Sohn and Liam Kelly. 

The full Deguiyu expereince is only available to members of Microsoft’s Creator’s Club. However visit the Deguiyu website for a feel of this intriguing ARG.

Both games were created under extremely tight timelines in Building Virtual Worlds, a course designed to immerse students in a variety of technical and conceptual aspects of Virtual World Craft.

Congratulations to both teams and good luck!