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MDM Graduates and Square Cube Founders Launch iLandCars

Sep 22, 2009 By Anonymous

3D-Free Roaming Racing Game for iPhones and iTouch Uses Unity Game Engine to the Delight of Fans Around the World

Vancouver B.C. – September 23, 2009 –Masters of Digital Media graduates McKane Lee and Bill (Di) Zhao, founders of game studio Square Cube, have created iTunes’ first 3D-free roaming racing game, iLandCars, a unique physics-based stunt racing game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. iLandCars pushes the processing power of iPhone graphics through the use of Unity 3D’s game engine.

McKane and Zhao rapidly prototyped and developed their game with 3D-free roaming functionality made possible by game engine Unity 3D. As a result, their game is not limited to a single confined racing track or street, like most other iPhone racing apps. Instead, iLandCars players explore 3D environments allowing them to discover, at their leisure, new items within the various stages.

“iLandCars combines classic game styles found in Stunt Race FX, and Diddy Kong Racing with modern adventure features of a Super Mario”, explains McKane Lee, co-founder of Square Cube. “But, instead of being played on a console, it’s played on an iPhone or an iTouch.”

iLandCars transports players to a number of memorable islands where they must collect stars to progress from one level to another. Players fire missiles to destroy targets for bonus points. Racing against the clock to obtain all the stars, players use the environment including ramps, jumps, seesaws and obstacles to bust-out crazy flips, spins and twist for additional bonus points. Scores are posted locally on their devices so that players can continue to compete against themselves or with their closest friends.

The game, released in August and selling for $0.99, has been downloaded by people from around the world and is garnering favourable reviews.

“We’re excited about being part of the growing iPhone development community”, said Bill (Di) Zhao, co-founder of Square Cube. “We are also looking forward to upgrading our game features with global scoreboards, new physics and stages. Afterall, it’s all about keeping our iLandCars community challenged and happy.”

iLandCars Features:

• First fully 3D-free racing game loaded with more jumps, ramps, targets than you can shake a dipstick at

• Seven memorable stages: “Spiral Mountain”, “Egypt Bricks”, “French Arch”, “Square Hills”, “ArticFrost”, "GreatWall" and "DC Memorial"

• Seven cool cars to choose from: “Big Blue Wheelie”, “Lil-Green Monster”, “Yellow Jack-et”, “Red-Rocket”, “Pink-Pixie”, “Orange-Boxer” and "WhiteWheelie"

• Innovative directional touch-sensitive play that lets gamers aim missile fire anywhere on the screen based on touch location. Very intuitive. 

• Chuck and successfully land flips, twists and spins to increase bonus points 

• Intuitive driving physics allow player to actually drive by tilting the iPhone

Download and play iLandCars

About Square Cube
Square Cube was founded in 2009 by Masters of Digital Media graduates McKane Lee and Bill (Di) Zhao who met at the Centre for Digital Media, Great Northern Way Campus while earning their graduate degree. From different countries, McKane is American and Bill is Chinese, they joined forces to start Square Cube, an agile and dynamic game studio pushing the limits in the Mobile Game Market. Square Cube creates interactive, must-play, digital gaming experiences for casual and hard-core gamers of all ages.  Check out www.iLandCars.com, their latest (and first) game now available on Apples iTunes – App Store. Follow them on Twitter at SquareCubeCorp@twitter.com

About  The Masters Of Digital Media Program
The Masters of Digital Media Program is a ground-breaking Master’s degree in entertainment technology and digital media. Students are offered team-based experiences focused on project learning in close collaboration with B.C.’s vibrant games and digital media industry. The degree is jointly awarded by four major post-secondary institutions: the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Emily Carr University of Art and Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.



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