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Got Talent? We do. Annual Showcase Was a One Stop Shop for Programmers, Artists, Designers and Producers

May 09, 2018 By Crissy Campbell

MDM students showed off their work last Thursday evening to a sold out Industry Showcase.

Over 200 guests came out to network and see what MDM students have been working on since September. Centre for Digital Media’s Annual Industry Showcase is a chance for industry guests to meet this year’s MDM students, a chance for MDM students to showcase their project work and an opportunity for everyone - from industry veterans to students entering the industry - to network and mingle.

Student Presentations

The evening began with student presentations. MDM students presented some of their work, including the projects they worked on last semester:

Geosim presented their storytelling tool created with GeoSim Cities to help architects, urban planners and developers more effectively visualize and communicate their projects.

Chinatown Storytelling Centre presented their AR storytelling app to help Vancouver Chinatown Foundation better tell their stories in their museum.

Team Elevator presented their product to better enhance the networking experience at Sustainable Brands' conferences.

Accenture discussed how they explored the value proposition of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for business applications from a learning design perspective.

Cooper’s Reality Garage presented on how they explored new ways to track the use of Augmented Reality markers to create a more interactive experience for users.

Industry Networking

After the presentations, guests went over into Centre for Digital Media’s Hangar for a BBQ, to meet the students and check out their portfolios.

As part of the MDM program requirement, students need to secure internships in September so the Showcase is a great opportunity for the students to explore internship options and for industry guests to find fresh, new talent.

The Annual Industry Networking and Student Showcase is Centre for Digital Media's biggest event of the year. It’s a great opportunity for everyone in digital media to talk about the future of the industry.

Watch a Timelapse of the Event:

Thank you to everyone who came out!

See what the Industry has to say about working with MDM students:

To connect about posting for interns, job postings or partnering on industry projects please connect with dennis_chenard@thecdm.ca.

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