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MDM Instructor’s MMOG Takes Top Award

Mar 16, 2009 By Anonymous

Kudos to Masters of Digital Media Program (MDM) instructor Jeremy Gibson. Skyrates, a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) he co-developed, won the Jayisgames Award for Best Simulation Game of 2008 in both the Staff and Audience Award categories. In Skyrates (sky + pirates) players take on the role of an ace pilot, who seeks fame, fortune, and adventure.

The game was created in 2006 by Gibson and a team of fellow master’s students at Carnegie Mellon University. As a full-time instructor for the MDM Program, Gibson continues to work on the game part-time as does the rest of the Skyrates team. Through ongoing dialogue with online players plus regular team brainstorming sessions, Skyrates has seen innumerable changes and the addition of many new features. According to Jeremy, the game is currently more robust than ever and this dedication to continually improving the game has led, in part, to the award from Jayisgames.

Jayisgames, also known as Casual Games, is an exceedingly popular game review website for casual gamers. It was one of the first sites to link to Skyrates back in early 2008, and it's been on their list of highly-rated games ever since. This is Skyrates’second award. Within the first year of its release, the game won the Silver Gleemax Award for Strategic Gaming.  

Skyrates is free to play at http://skyrates.net