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MDM Program Building Strong Academic Ties with Prestigious Communications University of China

Nov 26, 2009 By Anonymous

The Masters of Digital Media Program is building a strong relationship with the Animation School of the Communications University of China (CUC) through collaborative projects, shared research and exchange programs.

A team of CUC students will collaborate remotely from Beijing, China providing animation, character design and virtual effects in support of an existing MDM industry project. In the spring of 2010, CUC students will travel to Vancouver’s Centre for Digital Media for a one month internship where they will participate in daily MDM life through classes, workshops and group projects. In addition, the MDM Program will host CUC faculty members, Prof. Bai, and Prof Wang. The CUC faculty will assist with the development of a remote collaborative online training system, conduct research on Chinese and Canadian teaching concepts and delivery methods and facilitate workshops on traditional Chinese culture, design and art. Research conducted during this time will be collected for publication in a book about digital media.

The idea for cross cultural collaboration first started when several CUC undergraduate students joined the MDM Program in 2008. This led to a number of discussions between the two schools culminating, earlier this year, in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), that was signed by the MDM’s Dr. Sinclair and Dean Liao from CUC. The MOU cemented the budding relationship between the two prestigious academic institutions.

CUC's Dean Liao and MDM's Dr. Sinclair with Signed MOU

On November 12, Dr. Sinclair (MDM) in Vancouver and Dean Liao (CUC) in Beijing, and their respective teams participated in a video conference where they outlined the framework for working together. Though individuals and smaller groups have met online over the past few months, this was the first formal meeting between the two teams. Photos of the event are posted on Flickr. 

The MDM and CUC collaboration is activating the provincial government’s effort to build links between BC and China. In 2006, the Premier, on behalf of the province of British Columbia, signed an agreement with Chinese Minister of Education, Zhou Ji to further strengthen international educational opportunities between China and Canada. As a result, students from B.C. and China have more opportunities for their academic achievements to be recognized in each other’s countries.

The Communications University of China, previously the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, is known as the "cradle of China’s radio and television talents". One of China’s key universities, the CUC offers degrees at the bachelor, masters and doctorate level. In addition, it is home to several research and distance learning centres. The CUC has established an exchange and communication relationship with more than 200 renowned foreign universities and scientific research organizations of media.