MDM Project Posted on Leading Game Industry Education Website,

MDM Project Posted on Leading Game Industry Education Website,

MDM grad students Ashley Blacquiere and Aerlyn Weissman wrote “Ocean Summits and Virtual Fish: Games for a Sustainable Future” which was posted on – the renowned website (and sister site to features cutting edge articles and case studies of game industry education.

In the article, Ashley and Aerlyn write about the first time collaboration between the graduate students of the Masters of Digital Media Program, Great Northern Way Campus and the experts at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia.

The MDM/UBC project team have created a new way to show impacts on fish population by producing dynamic 3D visualizations driven by real-time, eco-system models. This is one of the first times that game engine technology has been linked to scientific eco-system software.

Their unique methodology addresses the need to present data in an accurate, interactive and easier to understand format unlike the static spreadsheets and graphs commonly used today. The 3D visualizations are an innovative and invaluable tool that will help decision makers literally see the impact of their decisions, today and into the future.

Ashley and Aerlyn outline the successes and challenges, the team’s project management philosophy and style, and what’s yet to come.

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