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An MDM Student’s Final Push at the CDM

Jun 08, 2015 By Anonymous

The third semester has just begun for Cohort 9, and we’re in the final stretch before our internships begin! This is an important phase for all of us, as we hone all that we have learned in the MDM program, and make final preparations for stepping into our roles as digital media experts. 

When I first joined the MDM, I must confess that I didn’t fully foresee how the program would unfold. Since this is a program that focuses more on soft skills and processes of the digital media industry, rather than a technical skill, the pedagogy is much more nuanced that in a traditional Master’s program. A large part of the program is project work - and it was difficult to understand what we would learn until we actually do the projects.

The first semester was largely coursework with four courses . In parallel, we also worked on multiple short-duration projects. These projects helped us apply what we learned in class, and see how different processes worked. This was also our first introduction to agile methodology, and we got to experiment with different styles of agile.

The second semester was more heavily focused on projects, and we each worked on a full-time project with a client. Compared to projects of the previous semester, this one had the additional learnings of working with a client, handling larger deliverables, and working in a team for a three-month duration. Client liaison brings into light important perspectives, as we learned about our clients’ needs and long-term vision, and tempered our ideas to fit in with those. We also honed our presentation skills, and learned to work around practical problems such as geographic distance and language barriers. Agile really kicked in full-force, with most teams using scrum methodology to break down a large deliverable into smaller chunks. Ever tried working with a diverse set of people in the same room for three months straight? There’s a lot you will earn about yourself, and how you relate with your colleagues - all good learnings, in a hands-on style.

The third semester is similar to the second - a full-time project and one course (an elective of one’s choice). We get to improve our way of working on complex digital problems, while also preparing for the internships. This semester promises to teach us to manage our time better as we juggle multiple agendas. For example,  this semester I’m managing a museum installation project, working part-time, building my professional website, and also will be teachings several workshops.

Now that I’ve completed most of the MDM journey, I can see that the progress path has been carefully and incrementally charted out. The transition I see in my classmates and myself has been immense, and we will be ready to take on the digital media world in a few months!

Archana Ananthanarayan is a current of Master of Digital Media student, experienced project manager and holds an MBA in marketing.