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MDM Students Celebrate CODE Opening

Feb 08, 2010 By Anonymous

Students of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program (pictured here) with CODE’s Rae Hull and Malcolm Levy (kneeling) pose underneath the Artificial Moon installation by Chinese artist Wang Yuyang curated by Li Zhenhua. The students attended CODE’s successful Opening  Night on Thursday, February 4 at the Centre for Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus, the site of their school as well as the venue for CODE Live 1.

Digital media creation is no stranger to the graduate students of the MDM Program who grace the halls of the Centre for Digital Media. However, for the past few weeks there has been a particularly heightened buzz as the school was transformed into a venue to display the installations of internationally renowned artists such Wang Yuyang, Ken Rinaldo, Don Ritter and Brendan Wypich.  

As for the students, they also got in on the action producing three projects related to the event.

Digital Bridge  - a guerrilla style marketing campaign complete with teaser website, mash-up video and hot pink posters plastered all over the city. Within days of hitting the streets, the website received hundreds of hits and its success continues to grow.

Code Beacon – a dynamic, eco-friendly LED-based showpiece acting as a glowing beacon and welcome sign for the duration of CODE.

CHLOE – a renewed take on an old video game, this floor-based, 12-square model takes the “Dance, Dance Revolution” craze to new heights.




The students were delighted and challenged to bring their digital media designs to physical fruition. Through these projects, programming code and creative mock-ups met soldering irons and 2x4s.  Check out photos on Flickr of the MDM students during the production stage.