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MDM Students Create Solutions For the Future of Remote Training & Education

Jun 24, 2020 By Crissy Campbell

With the current global pandemic and restrictions on social contact, it is a disruptive time for education. This past spring, educators around the world had to quickly move to remote and online learning, often using digital tools to help facilitate this new learning. It can’t be overstated that in the past 3 months training and education have completely transformed and will most likely never go back to the way they were before the pandemic.

The Centre for Digital Media is proud to be involved in projects that explore how digital media can improve education. Here are 4 education-related projects that Master of Digital Media students worked on last semester.

VR Holocaust Memorial with Zeros2Heroes

VR Holocaust Memorial with Zero2Heroes

Client: Zeros2Heroes

Problem: WWII and the Holocaust happened more than 70 years ago and it is fading quickly from our collective memory in the western world. Many teens do not understand the impact and relevance of the Holocaust today. The Holocaust memorial in Berlin is an important tool for understanding what happened, but not feasible for everyone to travel to.

Solution: Bring the experience of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin to youths across North America through the use of Virtual Reality.

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VR Clinical Tele-Simulation with Dr. Omamah Almousa

Client: Omamah Almousa, MD, MSc

Problem: Medical students need quality training and hands on practice and simulation has helped medical training tremendously. But tools and equipment for simulations are very expensive and there are limited resources and funding for medical training around the world.

Solution: Make medical simulation training accessible to resource limited areas through the creative integration of advanced digital technology and telesimulation.

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Non-Profit Legal Compliance Web App with Pacific Legal Outreach

non-profit legal compliance web app team

Client: PLEO

Problem: Managing a non-profit is hard work, made even more difficult when trying to understand the laws a non-profit needs to follow. Non-profits are confused by the amount and complexity of legal information they find online and find it hard to understand what is relevant to their particular organization.

Solution: An online tool to provide accessible legal information for BC non-profits. Instead of navigating through various articles and complex legal content, this tool provides digestible content relevant to the organization.

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VR Training System for a Public Safety Educator

vr training system for a public safety eductor

Client: Justice Institute of British Columbia

Problem: We need highly qualified public safety professionals now more than ever. But creating real-life training stages is time consuming and expensive. It requires constant instructor feedback, use of actors and a lot of student imagination. In high-stress environments, students tend to focus on patients and may neglect their own safety. Therefore, situational awareness needs to be heightened in this training.

Solution: A safe, fully immersive VR training scenario that simulates realistic training environments in the area of public safety.

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In addition to the projects from last semester above, here is a sneak peak of the current projects in-development for The H.I.V.E UBC (Hackspace for Innovation and Visualization in Education):

Improvised Conversations with A.I. Agents with The H.I.V.E. UBC

Working in collaboration with UBC Faculty of Medicine's The H.I.V.E. as part of a future UBC Biomedical-Visualization certificate, the team's goal is to create a conversational artificial intelligence agent designed to prompt and drive users to develop their skills in persuasive and spontaneous speech through questions or prompts. 

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Anatomy Education Application with The H.I.V.E. UBC

The HIVE from UBC's Faculty of Medicine provides remote digital tools for teaching human anatomy. Team Anatomic is developing an immersive, interactive experience to educate healthcare providers using respectfully-presented specimens from real donors in a virtual anatomy laboratory.

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