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MDM Venture Internship Creates AR For Live Events

Nov 22, 2018 By Crissy Campbell

Cell phones at concerts and other live events are unavoidable, everyone uses them. Is there a way to leverage concert-goers’ cell phones to help enhance the event and give them access to more engaging experiences?

This is what two MDM students, Marina Bertoldi and Julie Puech, are exploring. As part of their Venture Internship, the two have created The Impossible Studio, an interactive media studio that creates augmented reality experiences for live events.

We talked to the team via email about their studio, who it’s for and where they see the future of AR going.

1. Tell us about The Impossible Studio. Who is it for and how does it work?

The Impossible Studio is an interactive media studio that creates unique augmented reality experiences for live events.

We collaborate with artists to create unique experiences to enhance their live performances. Our collaboration creates another layer for their artistic performance in AR so the people that attend the concert can test out a more immersive and interactive experience on their phones.

Music is a unique experience in itself and we want to enable people at shows to immerse themselves completely into the mood, feel and meaning of a song. We believe that technology, especially Augmented Reality, and music paired together organically can create the most breathtaking experiences accessible to everyone.

We want to utilize people using their phones during live events to give them access to more engaging and unique experiences.

2. Where did the idea come from?

Julie, one of the founders of the studio, has always been passionate about music and interactive art. After starting to experiment with Augmented Reality as part of an industry project here at CDM, she was really excited about combining the two into an innovative project. The idea is also supported by the fact that so many people use their phones at concerts and, while it can be annoying, it also offers an opportunity to utilize said phones to deliver creative content around a performance and enhance the concert-goer experience.

This project started out as a pitch project during which we worked with Vancouver-based band Belle Game to create a unique live experience that we showcased during the Art Installation Showcase.

3. How did you two meet?

We come from different parts of the world, France and Brazil, and we met during the Master in Digital Media degree and joined our forces to change the world of live events! We never really worked on a project together at CDM but we witnessed each other’s work ethic and shared an entrepreneurial spirit. We related on our goals, taste for risk-taking and teenage pop culture.

4. You’re currently completing your internship semester for the MDM program, what are your plans after this semester?

We are doing the Venture Internship through the CDM incubator and we are starting 2 ventures: The Impossible Studio and Time Factory.

Our second venture is a rapid prototyping studio focused on bringing ideas to life quickly, using Design Sprints and SCRUM. We aim to save companies time by helping them solve big problems and test out their ideas in their first stages.

We are in the process of talking to investors and partners to help us on the next steps on both ideas. Currently, we are seeking out a new artist to collaborate with and create a unique tailor-made experience for one show.

5. Is this what you thought you would be doing after the MDM program?

CDM opened many doors and possibilities.

Marina: I had no idea what I would be doing after the program but, being an entrepreneur before I came into the program, I imagined that I would try some new ideas but could never picture these outcomes a few months ago. I was very open-minded when I started the program and wanted to explore and experiment.

Julie: I knew I wanted to start my own company after finishing my degree and I knew I wanted it to be in the creative tech space as I have a diverse skill set that I wanted to utilize. The CDM gave us the opportunity to start our studio in a comfortable space, having actually tried to build out our ideas during the pitch term before committing to them.

6. Where do you see the future of digital media, specifically AR, going?

We believe that AR is going to change the way we experience life. Compared to Virtual Reality which can be isolating, we strongly believe that Augmented Reality is a great tool to create highly shareable and social experiences. Applications of this technology are endless, it can apply to many different fields, and because it uses the space around us, people are more willing to explore and engage with the content provided.

With location-based Augmented Reality, the AR cloud and spatial mapping at the center of the innovations, the future of AR looks bright and exciting! We are really looking forward to seeing where this tech goes and using it to create breathtaking immersive and interactive experiences.

7. Any tips for people who are thinking about applying to the MDM program?

Our tip is: do it!

It can open so many doors, connect you with a lot of cool people and new possibilities. It gives you access to so many opportunities. You just have to take them, believe in yourself, and value your work.

Get in touch with The Impossible Studio.


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