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Meet our Fifth Cohort of Pre-MDM Students

Nov 24, 2020 By Elyse Economides

In the words of the current cohort of Pre-MDM students, the Pre-Master of Digital Media program at Centre for Digital Media is “a treasure box” filled with the professional communication and collaboration skills they will need to succeed in the digital media industry. This “group of seven” consists of talented and creative individuals from various backgrounds who are navigating remote learning, developing their technical English communication skills, and mastering cutting edge digital collaboration tools. Hear from each of them, in their own words, below. 

Stanly Jeong - Game Designer

I am a game designer with experience working on PC and mobile platforms. I have a BA in Oriental Painting from Seoul National University. I began my journey as a 3D artist right after graduation. In time, I became interested in updating my in-game mechanics, so I changed my career into game design.

I enrolled in the Pre-MDM program due to my desire to know more about digital media and improve my technical English communication skills in authentic, hands-on workshops and projects. I want to widen my horizon in the digital industry. My career goal is to develop and release an indie game in the future.

Kennedy Kan - Character Artist & 3D Modeller

As you can see from the picture, I am a cat lover. I am also a Character Artist and digital modeller who has experience in both game and film industries.

To enhance my fundamental skills in teamwork, communication, and critical thinking before real world challenges, I made the decision to join the Pre-MDM program as part of my preparation. The training here can make sure I’ll have the capability to strike through all the obstacles coming towards me in the MDM courses and in my professional future.

Armaghan Khalaj - Artist | Photographer | Graphic Designer

I have been engaged with Media by working in some magazines for almost 4 years. I am also a Graphic Designer and Photographer. And, as an Artist, I have managed to hold one solo photography exhibition so far. The Pre-MDM program at the prestigious Centre for Digital Media is the best choice for international students, like me, to enhance their technical English language skillset, while working on projects in a very friendly environment. This program also helps students to boost their knowledge about Canadian culture and improve communication and soft skills suiting the Canadian work ecosystem. It is a real privilege to be a part of this community.

Ying Lai - UI/UX Designer

I am a seasoned UI/UX specialist. I accumulated my design and problem solving skills from multiple backgrounds. I decided to join pre-MDM mainly because I expect to become a global worker! I believe that the program is an excellent place that enables me to improve my technical communication and soft skills.




Simranjot Singh Sran - Product Manager & UI/UX Designer

I am an engineer-designer on a mission to create happiness with my designs, trying to innovate ways for how digital media can improve peoples’ lives. I do whatever needs to be done for the team to deliver successful products. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for traveling or to play cricket, and I won't ask you a second question. In the span of 5 years, I have designed and managed versatile digital products (AR/VR, responsive web apps, microsites) and led teams of senior UI/ UX designers, developers, and business analysts. I have worked across versatile markets of E-Commerce, IoT, Automotive, Career Platforms, and Air Purifier companies in B2B and B2C markets.

My mission is to solve problems in health, education, and climate change via digital media using AI and VR technology. I joined the Pre-MDM Program to learn about the interactive narrative, virtual worlds, spatial and temporal domains. I seek to understand the underlying problems of today’s digital media through a combination of fieldwork and literature review across disciplines. By implementing the education and recommendations of the 'Learning Labs' from Centre for Digital Media, I aim to design around latent conditions and active failures and to create a happy place through digital media design with cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment.

Bin Tong - Interaction Designer

I am an interaction designer with an undergraduate background in Economics. I found my passion in the digital media industry and want to devote myself to it. The Pre-MDM program is a research-informed and industry-relevant professional program that will help me in my future career if I want to place myself into an English speaking work environment. It also prepares me for the MDM program so I can have a smooth transition to professional learning.


Chelsea Wei - Product Manager

I am a product manager who has been working in the IT industry over 7 years and has a bachelor degree in Information Security and a master degree in Management of Technology. My passion for video games in my body and spirit is always encouraging me to chase my dream career in Canada. Plus, the pre-MDM instructors guide us through learning invaluable and authentic technical language and teamwork skills. My goal is to be better in client communication and teamwork.



Want to join our next cohort? Read more about how to apply or register for our free upcoming Application Tips webinar on January 20th to get a detailed overview of the application process and tips on building a strong application. If you want more information about the program, register for our free Pre-MDM Program webinar on January 13th.