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Meet our Sixth Cohort of Pre-MDM Students

Jan 06, 2022 By Elyse Economides

In the words of a Pre-MDM graduate, the Pre-Master of Digital Media program at Centre for Digital Media is “a treasure box” filled with the professional communication and collaboration skills they will need to succeed in the digital media industry. This year's "10 stunt people" are talented and creative individuals from various backgrounds who are navigating remote learning, developing their technical English communication skills, and mastering cutting edge digital collaboration tools. Learn more about their fall term from their quarterly newsletters and hear from each of them, in their own words, below.

Fall 2021 Newsletter Group 1

Fall 2021 Newsletter Group 2

Ruby - Interaction Designer

As an interaction designer with a love for multimedia and installations, I’m enthusiastic about combining different emotional experiences with novel technologies, for creating rich sensory and emotional experiences between humans and machines. I have equipped myself with both theoretical and technical skills in my field and I have focused on interactive systems’ studies. Thus, I decided to join the pre-MDM to accumulate more practical and technical communication skills, through project-based teamwork.

Taoan Qin - 3D Artist

I have enjoyed playing video games since I was young, so I had a dream to work in the game industry at that time. As a result, I became a 3D artist, with a background in Fine Arts and 3D animation, as well as in the game art pipeline. The most interesting game-making experience I had is when I tried motion capture in one of my team projects, and worked with the data cleanup as well as completed some modifications based on it. The reason I am in Pre-MDM is that I should not restrict myself to the field I want to study, I need to broaden my horizons, learn more universal relevant knowledge and polish the skills I already have. I believe this journey can bring me more fresh ideas for the future.

Xiao Wei - Digital Media Entrepreneur

I have received professional social media training in brand promotion, digital media planning, marketing, and operation, all before I started my career. I applied for Pre-MDM because I am looking forward to improving my perception of digital media and advanced skills in content and technical production. Now, I own a company focusing on high-end animation and immersive interactive play creation in China. I have been looking forward to finding more talented digital media artists to cooperate with.

Fang - User Experience Designer

I am a user experience designer with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. My mission is to design products that truly promote people’s lives. I have been working in the Internet industry for over 5 years and have experience in providing digital solutions for both enterprises and consumers. I joined the Pre-MDM program because I hoped to explore more about game design and AR/VR related design, and improve my communication and leadership skills, so that I could become a user experience design expert in the future.

Octavia - 2D/3D Animator

I am a 2D&3D animator with one year of working experience in the game industry. I have had more opportunities than others to access and appreciate animation and game work, but then I found that I needed to focus on the core essence of my art work. So I decided to quit my job and apply for the pre-MDM program at the CDM, to seek more chances to enhance my art pieces. I am also a person who has plenty of hobbies. I love watching musicals and I am interested in the history of religions around the world. Those habits have always fulfilled my life and kept inspiring me.

Oscar - UI/UX Designer

I am a UX/UI designer with an undergraduate background in interior design who is really passionate about multi-media design, trying to explore a different path and improving what people need for the future. The Pre-MDM program is important guidance to improve fundamental skills in language, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills in a different project. It leads us to become professionals in digital media and develop great use in our future careers.


Sifan Teng - Project Manager | Video Designer | Graphic Designer

I am persistent and a go-getter. I have five years of working experience in social media and marketing. As an account manager of a PR agency, I am experienced in advertising and integrated marketing. But my strongest skill set is in video designing. There were six weekly network video programs that I dominated. I am proficient in editing, love shooting videos, and acting as well. In addition to that, graphic design is another field that I am still exploring. I came to Pre-MDM to get in touch with more professional digital media friends and do projects to improve myself and explore creative skill sets. Moreover, I aim to upscale my English language. I aspire to be in charge of the project or work in design-related roles in team projects. All in all, in my future career, I aspire to assist in achieving more digital media creativity using digital media to help improve the status quo of more traditional industries and solve social problems.

Nima Najariandariani - Lead Creative | Marketing/Communication Specialist | Visual Content Designer

Nima is a Lead Creative and Visual Communication Designer from Tehran, Iran. He is a wanderlust and enjoys communicating with people from different cultures, aiming to be able to live in different parts of the world. After he completed his bachelor’s degree in Architecture, he began his career in Advertising and Marketing principles at Vije School of Communication and Design. He has five years of experience in the Avideh Brand Communications agency as a Lead Creative. He has contributed to the ideation of many advertising and marketing campaigns during this period. He has the ability to ensure each aspect of the campaign comes together in a way that satisfies the client’s business standards. As a lead creative, and a team player he works with the creative team of graphic designers, copywriters, and art directors and keeps the creative vision on track. He joined the Pre-MDM program, to boost his soft skills and to upgrade his project management and digital media skill sets. This one-year program has helped him a lot to get acquainted with digital media in Canada and also gain a better understanding of the culture of the Canadian people and North America in general.

Dong Sun - Product Manager | Geographical Engineer | Web Developer

I am a product manager with an interdisciplinary undergraduate background in electronic information and advertising. I also worked for a geographical information company for nearly two years. In the past five years, I’ve received both advertising and geographical related certificates. Currently, I want to refocus my career position based on my past experience, and that would be definitely to manage a technical and artistic team to produce digital products. My passion for software and its creative application drives me to climb the career ladder in Vancouver, an IT centre with a bright future, and that’s why I applied for this Pre-MDM program to adapt to the English environment in advance.

Shiqi Cheng - UI/UX Designer

I am a UI/UX specialist with experience working with human-centred design thinking and interactive media. I am keen on cross-disciplinary innovation. So that I have participated and independently designed many media-based projects, like AR applications and interactive motion-sensing games and web applications. Besides, I also have a strong interest in computer programming. I decided to join pre-MDM mainly because it is an industry-relevant professional and language program. It provides me with opportunities to cooperate and exchange ideas with elites from diverse professions while improving my English academically and professionally. It will benefit my future career as I aim to work in an English-speaking environment, to become a clear communicator and a great team player. My career goal is to design digital media products by implementing User-Centered thinking plus my design skills while understanding its development language, so as to make truly valuable digital products to help people solve problems in life and inspire them.


Want to join our next Pre-MDM cohort? Applications for the fall 2022 intake are open until February 4th!