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New Masters of Digital Media Program to award $40,000 in scholarships

Dec 12, 2008 By webdev

The Masters of Digital Media Program (MDM) will be Canada’s first professional graduate program in new media and will develop the next generation of leaders in digital animation, video games and other virtual world technologies. It is an innovative, full-time professional graduate degree program offering a unique master’s degree bearing the seals of all four of Vancouver’s major post secondary institutions: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and Emily Carr Institute.

The Great Northern Way Campus is a collaboration that allows creation of programs that leverage the strengths of all four institutions. One-time provincial government funds of $40.5 million are in place to help attract the best faculty members in the world, meet the capital costs of constructing labs and classrooms and create an endowment to help meet ongoing operating costs.

The Masters of Digital Media (MDM) will offer students team-based experiences focused on project learning in close collaboration with B.C.’s vibrant games and digital media industry. This program not only affords industry partners such as Electronic Arts, Mainframe Entertainment and Propaganda Games-BVG Disney, access to MDM talent, but also provides students opportunities such as internships, co-op placements and mentoring programs.

Prospective students should be recent graduates of bachelor’s programs or professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills and position in the industry. Most will come into the MDM Program with degrees in computer science, graphic arts, animation, performing arts or fine arts. All will be expected to participate fully in designing their learning experience. In their first year, they will take such courses as The Visual Story and Building Virtual Worlds. In the second year, following a paid summer internship, students take electives at any of the four partner schools.

The Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program will award two entrance scholarships for the September 2007 start date of $20,000 each. These scholarships will be based on extraordinary merit, one in the field of computer graphics and animation, and the other in the field of computer programming or engineering. All students will be automatically considered for these scholarships. Please go to www.gnwc.ca/mdm/admission.htm for course information or to apply.