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New Media Director in Residence Focusing on “Open Source” Health

Feb 21, 2013 By Crissy Campbell

The Centre for Digital Media is excited to announce that Tracey Friesen is the new Media Director in Residence. Tracey will be at CDM for the next 6 months working collaboratively with students on Mindset Social Innovation Foundation’s Open Health Initiative. 

The Open Health Initiative (OHI), funded by Mindset, was launched in 2008 as a partnership with the University of British Columbia. Its purpose is to explore innovative approaches to more universal access to life-saving medicines, and to shine a light on new ways to collaborate on drug development and distribution. ‘Open Source meets Big Pharma.’ 

The last 4 years of the project have been spent collecting research and conducting interviews and now the project is in its final phase: communicating this vast collection of information and stories to stakeholders and the public.

Tracey Friesen has been brought in to manage the final stage of the project. She is an independent media producer and industry executive, who supports social innovators and artists in the creation of impactful content. Early in 2013 Tracey left the position of executive producer at the National Film Board’s Vancouver studio. She had been with the NFB for over 11 years, working with the independent community to create socially relevant documentaries, animation and original digital content.

Now in her present contract as Director of Media for OHI, Tracey will be preparing a strategy to make OHI’s content accessible and engaging for wider distribution.

The Centre for Digital Media was the perfect location for the project because, according to Friesen, CDM’s “spirit of collaboration and sharing aligns well with Mindset,” and CDM is “a place that actually makes stuff. It’s time for implementation!” In other words, the Master of Digital Media program focuses on students completing hands-on projects, which matches the current needs of the Open Health Initiative.

In the summer, Tracey will work with a team of Master of Digital Media students to explore possible solutions for sharing OHI’s findings with the wider community. Media outputs may include an interactive website, educational content, shorts, a film or even an online game.

In addition to her new residency, Tracey just won Women In Film & Television Vancouver’s Woman of the Year Award. This award is presented to a woman who has achieved significant success in the field of film or television, and who is recognized for mentoring other women in the industry. 

Recent winners include: Lynn Booth, Babz Chula, Carole Tarlington, Gabrielle Rose, Deboragh Gabler, Vicki Gabereau, Trish Dolman, Louse Clark, and Rae Hull. 

Congratulations Tracey!