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A New Strategic Plan at the Centre for Digital Media

Feb 21, 2017 By Richard Smith

The board and shareholders of the Great Northern Way Trust (jointly owned by four universities UBC, SFU, Emily Carr, and BCIT and the “parents” of the MDM program) recently approved a new strategic plan for the Centre for Digital Media, the home for the MDM program. This strategic plan includes a new mission and vision statement, as follows:


The Centre for Digital Media leverages high quality curriculum and dedicated students to create a vital and exciting precinct, home to student and alumni spin-offs and interactive media companies. An ongoing program of classes, events and workshops make it a prime destination for firms, researchers, educators, and learners from around the world.


The Centre for Digital Media is recognized as having exceptional educational programs and excellent students, making the CDM the launch pad of choice for emerging innovative digital-media-powered firms, entrepreneurial talent, researchers and world-changing community initiatives.

Over the next five years the Centre for Digital Media’s strategic plan will foster growth through a three-pronged approach: first, initiatives to help the centre grow its managerial systems and processes (“GROW UP”) to support a modern and ever-evolving centre of education and research; second, integrating its programs more effectively with complementary initiatives by the four partner universities (“GROW IN”) in order to help connect them with industry, each other and the world; and third, expanding into new markets (“GROW OUT”) with credit and non-credit programs that help deliver digital media educational and research solutions for a wide range of fields such as digital health and into new regions such as China and India.

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