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Project Blue Sky Athletes Engage UBC Students on Olympic Climate Initiative

Sep 14, 2009 By Anonymous

Vancouver (September 4, 2009) – Elite athletes, Ryan Leech (Professional Trials Rider) and Brandon Crichton (Professional Road Cyclist) will be on hand Tuesday September 8th at Imagine UBC to introduce students to a brand new version of Project Blue Sky (PBS). 

Project Blue Sky was inspired by athletes and built by students as a way to motivate individuals and groups to take steps in their personal lives to fight climate change through increased physical activity and sustainable travel. The project is supported by the Official Carbon Offset Supplier to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Offsetters Clean Technology Inc. and the Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee (VANOC).

“Project Blue Sky is a social media space where you can connect with your favourite athletes, challenge your friends, tell your story and use kilometres to track your efforts to reduce your carbon emissions. You can cut your carbon emissions by cycling, walking, taking public transit or by coming up with other physically ingenious ways to save energy,” said B.C. Olympian Dave Calder, silver medallist (Rowing), and a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Council that has spearheaded development of the project.

Project Blue Sky has launched a new version of its website with enhanced user features such as leader boards, weekly goals and the ability to compare an individual’s performance to others. “I’m thrilled with the new version of Project Blue Sky built by students in the Masters of Digital Media program,” said Calder. “The new features make it easier for individuals to form groups and compete with each other.  The leader boards provide a great way to call attention to active users on the site. I’m a competitive athlete so I’ll do my best to stay in the top three.  I challenge anyone out there to try to knock me out!”

Project Blue Sky along with Ryan Leech and Brandon Crichton, will be in attendance at the Main Event Carnival’s Green Lounge on Tuesday September 8, from 2-5pm during Imagine UBC, the post-secondary institution’s annual Welcome and Orientation Week that draws more than 7,000 students.   The Green Lounge, situated directly in front of the Barn Coffee shop on Main Mall to the south of Sustainability Street, consists of 18 groups all connected by the common thread of sustainability.  

Ryan Leech and Brandon Crichton will be meeting with students, demonstrating Project Blue Sky and reinforcing the importance of making sustainable choices in one’s daily life. “Ryan will have his bike with him,” explained Project Blue Sky team lead, Chris Kantowicz, “and after wowing you with the PBS technology, I expect he can be persuaded to show some of the skill that has made him one of the best-known trials riders in the world!”



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