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Project Blue Sky Wins Coca-Cola's 'Live Positively Award' at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Feb 15, 2010 By Anonymous

Vancouver (February 13, 2010) - Project Blue Sky, a public engagement initiative built by students of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program, won the Coca-Cola “Live Positively Award”.  Backed by Olympic, Paralympic and other high performance athletes, Project Blue Sky uses the latest in on-line digital tools to motivate individuals and groups to take steps in their personal lives to reduce their carbon footprint through increased physical activity and sustainable travel.  

Sharing stories, building online communities and connecting with athletes are ways in which the project draws users. Canadians can join Project Blue Sky by visiting www.projectbluesky.ca

“We were inspired by the athletes to make this project happen,” said Luke Johnson, one of the MDM students who worked on the project. “We wanted the Blue Sky to be a powerful aggregator with the ability to show how small steps can add up to big change. We’ve also built a social networking site so that the on-line community involved with generating Blue Sky content has a viral opportunity to grow.”

Dave Calder, a silver medalist in rowing at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games, accepted the award on behalf of Project Blue Sky, including the MDM student team; Offsetters, the Official Supplier of Carbon Offsets to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games; and athletes Beckie Scott, a gold and silver medalist in cross-country skiing at the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City and Torino, respectively; Stephanie Dixon, a multiple gold medalist in swimming at the Paralympic Summer Games in Sydney, Athens and Beijing; Ryan Leech, a professional trials rider; and Sam Whittingham, a multiple world-record holder on a recumbent bike.

"Climate change is a reality we must all deal with. Project Blue Sky provides people with the ability to track and measure their carbon footprint so that we can all work together in preserving the environment,” said Dave Calder. “We're thrilled to receive this recognition from Coca-Cola for our effort to keep our planet both blue and green.” 

The Coca-Cola Live Positively Award recognizes the efforts of individuals or groups who turn their passion for improving the well-being of Canadians into important changes that have positively impacted their local communities.


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