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Projects II Chronicles – Team Perspectives and Individual Lessons Learned

May 20, 2015 By dennis_chenard

As part of the Projects II term, one of the MDM student teams (Maneki Neko) developed several game concepts for PlayStation Vita. Throughout the project they were fortunate to receive mentorship and support from Mr. Takeshi Asano (Business Operation Department from Sony Computer Entertainment - and formally a part of the development team of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’). 

This was an exceptional opportunity provided by the MDM program. Our multidisciplinary team enjoyed developing games for the PS Vita, focusing on the unique hardware features of the device. After several ideation sessions and grey-box sprints we finally developed a unique prototype: ‘Blanket’. An atmospheric game that we are really proud of! – Team Maneki Neko

In-game screenshot for the ‘Blanket’
In-game screenshot for the ‘Blanket’

The Projects II experience pushed each member to develop important practical skills and also to learn about how to collaborate with professionals through distance and online environments. 

Along with Mr. Asano’s input on game design we established a great culture within the team and our main learning objectives and project goals were definitely met. – Team Maneki Neko

Industry Projects are an important part of the MDM program experience and the mentorship and support from industry professionals like Mr. Asano are highly valued and appreciated.

Takeshi Asano visiting Team Maneki Neko
Takeshi Asano visiting Team Maneki Neko

Additional individual team perspectives:

This experience gave me deeper awareness of team dynamics, and valuable lessons about project planning and fast prototyping. Besides, it was fun and the team bonded well.

David Gutierrez

This project taught me important lessons on how to plan and execute a creative project with a team of varied skillsets.

Daniel Nascimento

Having the opportunity to collaborate with a professional that knows so much about game design was a big takeaway for me. I’ll definitely carry some of these experiences to future projects.

Marina Lúcio

This project gave me the opportunity to practice and develop my skills as a 2D designer, with tremendous support from my team and Asano-san.

Ye Seul (Ashley) Yoon

It was valuable to work with experienced mentors and talented teammates of various backgrounds. I was motivated to develop programming skills and better understand a production pipeline.

– Wei (Victor) Li

As a programmer, developing for the PlayStation Vita was an excellent opportunity to target a specific piece of hardware and strive to take full advantage of the unique features that it has to offer.

– Jeremy Krentz

It was a great opportunity and the first time I worked with games. I learnt so much about game design from Asano-san, my advisor and all my teammates. This awesome experience makes me want to work in the gaming industry in the future.

– Shuo(Ira) Zhang

It was a great experience working with the CDM, students, faculty (Larry Bafia) and managers. I also learned several important things from them and I wish them all the best for their future careers.

– Takeshi Asano 

To learn more about the Projects II development process read the Team Maneki Neko project blog here:





Dennis Chenard is the Director of Industry Relations at the Centre for Digital Media and the Master of Digtial Media program. Also known as a ‘Director of Hook-Ups´ he has an extensive history of connecting creators, producers, and distributors of digital content with peers from around the world and works with a variety of stakeholders in industry, government and education in Canada and abroad.