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Remarkable Talent Demonstrated at MDM Student Showcase

Mar 07, 2008 By Anonymous

The First Annual MDM Student Showcase was a huge success. Students of the Masters of Digital Media Program put on an unforgettable show in front of more than 300 industry reps, prospective students, family, friends and supporters.

A mixed/blended reality event, the Showcase took place simultaneously in first life at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver and was simulcast at the Virtual Centre for Digital Media in Second Life. Avatars from across the globe interacted by means of live streaming to (and from) the school's island ' University Project'.

All guests were treated to a live turntable mix show from Second Life DJ Doubledown who was spinning sophisticated beats and eclectic tunes inside the student-created, immersive social space "GrooveTube”.

The international MDM student body who hail from across Canada and around the world presented their best work and this next generation of digital media leaders did not disappoint. Featured projects included:

  • Digi-Runner - the first piece ever created at the Centre for Digital Media. Digi-Runner represents the playful crossover from the virtual to the real that started it all.
  • Groove Tube - an innovative and interactive 3D social space. Groove Tube responds to user selected musical loops and includes immersive visualizations and effects allowing users to collaboratively jam together.
  • Intersection - the second project assigned in the Visual Story course where students took several hundred still photos to create an interactive story containing four separate but intersecting story lines.
  • Sky Palace - brings to life the ancient Chinese legend of the Monkey King. This 3D virtual environment, depicts traditional Chinese architecture, characters, and art forms - running in a web browser and being rendered in real time.
  • Tarot - a mystical, digital circumbulation.
  • Crossing –this film, shortlisted for a Webby Award, is based on the story from Greek mythology of Charon ferrying the dead to the afterlife across the river Styx.
  • 3D Data Visualization– a collaboration between MDM students and the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia, this project creates dynamic, real time visualizations of marine ecosystems based on an integration with the Ecopath ecosystem modeling approach. Bringing data to life in this way may well see the demise of the spreadsheet.