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SFU Prof Jim Bizzocchi appointed MDM Program Director as founder Dr. Gerri Sinclair steps down

Sep 09, 2010 By webdev

Having both launched the Masters of Digital Media Program and overseen its development over the past four years, Dr. Gerri Sinclair made the decision to leave her post as Executive Director last spring. Taking the helm is Prof. Jim Bizzocchi from Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Art and Technology.

Sinclair's decision follows a twenty-year career spanning several fields in the areas of Internet and new media technology, entrepreneurial business, academic research, and government policy. In 2006, she helped GNWC obtain a $40.5M government grant from the BC Provincial Government to establish a world-leading graduate program in digital media. Now in its third year of operations, the MDM Program has garnered a number of awards, and continues to attract top students from all over the world.

“I’m so happy with what has been accomplished in the past three years,” said Sinclair. “The efforts of the program’s faculty, staff and students have made it the success that it is.”

Incoming program director Jim Bizzocchi looks forward to his new position, and recognizes the value of the MDM Program to the digital media industry.

"The digital media industries are critical for the economic and cultural future of British Columbia.  The Masters of Digital Media program helps provide the leaders for the continued health and growth of this important sector."

Bizzocchi did his own graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and brings extensive experience as a teacher, scholar and graduate student mentor to MDM. His student-focused instructional style recently earned him the SFU University Award for Excellence in Teaching. A leader in the broader educational community, he has been instrumental in developing British Columbia and federal policies on educational technology and distance education. Bizzocchi is also a practicing documentary filmmaker and video artist. His award-winning works in the emergent genre of “Ambient Video” have been widely exhibited internationally.