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Student-designed elearning tool recognized at 2011 MEDEA Awards

Dec 19, 2011 By webdev

MyWorld, an interactive tutorial prototyped by Masters of Digital Media students to help teens critically engage with the Web, was "Highly Commended" by the 2011 MEDEA Awards jury this past November. The international competition in educational media is based in Europe and involves 75 education and media experts from 15 countries. MyWorld was one of 13 entries, as well as the only North American entry to receive this recognition.

Development of MyWorld began in the fall of 2010 as project "Digital Decision" - a collaboration of MDM students Jeunessa Cheng, Khadija Ghazi, Nick Lewis, Ian McDonald, and Matthew Schade, and the Canadian not-for-profit Media Awareness Network (MNet), who licenses the tutorial. The student team created the interactive Flash-based game upon which MyWorld is based. Some of the team members later went on to complete internships at MNet.

Geared for grades 9-10, the tutorial simulates online experiences familiar to the Internet-savvy youth (such as connecting with friends or researching schoolwork) while challenging them with tasks as they navigate the online environment. Through these exercises, MyWorld users learn essential digital literacy skills in such areas as researching online, authenticating web resources, handling privacy issues and online relationships, as well as the ethical use of digital media.

Launched in 2007, MEDEA (Moving Images in Education European Awards) was created to foster innovation and good practices in educational audio, video and multimedia. It also recognizes and promotes excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources. This year the MEDEA competition attracted 115 entries from 28 countries.

The Media Awareness Network (MNet) is a digital and media literacy centre that promotes critical thinking via education resources and the analysis of various types of mass media. MNet's programs are funded by its public and private sector sponsors and partners.