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A Timeline of Student Success

Mar 30, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

The Master of Digital Media program is set up in a way that each student progresses through the program differently. Coming from different backgrounds (30% of MDM students come from project management or business, 30% come from design and 30% come from a technical background) and having different interests and and goals, students make the program what they want it to be. This means that students graduate from the MDM program with their own unique skill sets and expertise.

To show what's possible with the MDM program, here are timelines from 3 of our students last year—Archana Ananthanarayan, a Project Manager from India; Erick Delgado, a Cinematic Artist from Mexico; and Alex Boyd, a Computer Scientist from Canada.

The timeline below looks at where they started, how they progressed through the program and where they're employed now.

MDM Student Timelines

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