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Visual Poet Jim Andrews at Centre for Digital Media

Feb 12, 2009 By Anonymous

The students of the Masters of Digital Media Program, faculty, staff and special guests were treated to a guest lecture by Jim Andrews, who publishes vispo.com, a website dedicated to visual poetry and other interactive digital art forms.

Jim is a writer, programmer, poet, and digital media Renaissance man. He is also an interactive audio designer as well as the author of dbcinema, a wonderfully cool digital visual collage generator that he demonstrated during his talk. He is a leading thinker/artist/programmer working at all interstitial points across the digital media arts continuum.

Here is what Jim has to say about his work:

Walt Whitman wrote one book: Leaves of Grass. He changed it throughout his life. Vispo.com is my 'book'. And it isn't a book at all but, hopefully, something that you can experience as many times as you like and find different things each time--very different, and of a new and ongoing life in writing/art/sound/programming.