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Why Take The Pre-Master of Digital Media Program? A New Course For ESL Students Interested In the MDM Program

Apr 05, 2016 By Crissy Campbell

The Pre-Master of Digital Media Program (Pre-MDM) is a new program for ESL students interested in taking the Master of Digital Media program but who don’t meet the English requirements.

The Pre-MDM is a qualifying program—once students complete the program and meet the requirements (an overall minimum of 6.5 on the IELTS with no less than 6.0 in each category AND an overall average of B+ or CGPA 3.33 in all Pre-MDM courses) they will automatically be accepted into the MDM program.

To help those wondering if they should take the Pre-MDM program, I sat down with one of the MDM faculty members, Patrick Pennefather, to explain the program further.


1. Tell us about the Pre-MDM program. What do students learn? 

The Pre-MDM program is an 8-month course for MDM Program applicants who don’t have the English skills required to enter the MDM program. It has been designed for ESL learners who need to improve their English and focuses specifically on English for digital media environments. 

2. How is it different from MDM? 

The Pre-MDM is an 8-month specialized ESL program that teaches:

  • An IELTS oriented English program.
  • The language of digital media as practiced at the MDM Program.

Unlike other ESL university prep courses, the Pre-MDM is specifically designed for entry into the MDM Program only. It prepares learners to improve their IELTS score while also preparing them for the specific demands of collaborative project-based learning environments at the MDM Program. This includes accelerating their knowledge of current software and techniques commonly used on projects at the MDM Program to facilitate digital prototyping and solve collaborative design problems.

The Pre-MDM program gives ESL students a huge advantage in the MDM program since, by the end of the course, they have better English skills and they know and understand the design and production techniques we use in the program.

3. Who is Pre-MDM for?

The Pre-MDM is for ESL applicants who also hold an undergraduate degree, demonstrate an interest in transitioning into the MDM Program and who do not have the minimum required level English skills  that the MDM Program demands. We are currently accepting applications from learners who have already achieved a minimum 5.5 IELTS score.

4. If I’m looking at both programs, how do I decide which one to take?

The Pre-MDM is only recommended for those learners who are interested in transitioning into the MDM Program but do not meet the minimum requirements for English. Upon the successful completion of the program, learners will have improved their IELTS scores and increased their portfolio with small-scale team-based digital media projects.

Learners who already meet the necessary language requirements are encouraged to directly apply to the MDM Program.


Apply for Pre-MDM here.

Still curious if Pre-MDM is for you? Take our quiz.