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World-Renowned Hyper Olympic Coming to the Evolution of Gaming

Jul 29, 2014 By Crissy Campbell

Hyper Olympic, a world-renowned installation from French artist Djeff Regottaz, will be featured at the Evolution of Gaming exhibit at the Centre for Digital Media August 1-10.  It is being brought to Canada through the generous support of the French Consulate in Vancouver.

Hyper Olympic is an interactive installation for two that allows players to engage in a remake of Track & Field with a very physical interface. Track & Field, called Hyper Olympic in Japan, is a classic 1983 Olympic-themed sports arcade game. The installation has been profiled at events around the world and has become a staple at 
festivals worldwide.

Playing Hyper Olympic

The artist, Djeff Regottaz, will don his 80s referree outfit to run tournaments to find the best Canadian Hyper Olympic player. Isabelle Arvers, notable French games curator and one of the curators of Evolution of Gaming, is very excited to have Hyper Olympic at the event.

Hyper Olympic is interesting because it transforms a retro, hands-only game to a very physical game. It has the look of a game from the 80s but it's done by an artist. Hyper Olympic creates a party-like atmosphere because it's easy to understand, it's fun to play and it's fun to watch. It's appealing to everyone, including non-gamers. I had students who were non-gamers go to a gaming exhibit and, after playing Hyper Olympic, they said that it helped them understand the ideas behind rest of the exhibit. But definitley the funniest part is how Djeff runs the tournaments. 

This is a rare opportunity to play Hyper Olympic, and the Vancouver event will feature a tournament for attendees. Watch it in action:

About the Evolution of Gaming

The Evolution of Gaming is a retro video gaming exhibition happening at the Centre for Digital Media August 1-10.

The event is a chance to celebrate the history of video games and will feature lots of interactive, hands-on exhibits that will explore how games have shaped our culture. Attendees with get a chance to play games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. It’s like an interactive step back in time!

The event will also profile the unique role that both Vancouver and France have played in the video game industry. 

The event is FREE to the public, but space is limited, so registration is required. Some time slots are fully booked! To reserve your spot visit: http://evolutionofgaming.ca/

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