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Diptoman Mukherjee

Diptoman Mukherjee  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2016 (Cohort 10)

Technical / Developer

Diptoman received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology. During his undergrad, he co-founded and was the programmer and designer of a multiple award-winning student game development collective.

As a game designer, Diptoman is mainly invested in game systems design in addition to level design, scripting and technical design. He tries to experiment with different design concepts, mixing genres and common tropes up to formulate new ideas. He frequently participates in game jams to test those ideas out.

Diptoman wishes to gain knowledge of digital media as a whole during his time at the CDM, so he can diversify his skillset, better himself as a game developer and be able to craft all kinds of experiences for the players!

Skill Sets: 
Game Designer
Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
Unity Programmer

Projects: ARenamaker, CODEstruction