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Emily Burt

Emily Burt  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)

Emily is an artist with a background that fuses fine art, communication, digital media, and marketing. She balances her studies of fine art with a double major in political science and sociology to create a well-rounded skill set. An entrepreneur at heart, Emily has recently created her company Emily Burt Multimedia which manages sales of her artworks, as well as music and short film production. Emily had her first successful exhibition in summer 2016, which showcased her pieces created in the last two years. From this showcase, she found her first buyer for a clothing design she had developed, as well as clients for commissioned work. Emily’s drive comes from a strong commitment to helping creative people thrive. She looks forward to being part of a team and community that are on the forefront of digital media and technology.

Emily chose digital media because she believes it has the ability to impact lives of people all over world and cross borders otherwise unavailable. It also provides a medium for her artistry to expand. Music, animation, interactive design and user experience are all areas of interest to Emily. She hopes to utilize her education to help bring awareness to social issues, as well to create responsible and inclusive content.

Her background in government compliments this, as she was the executive assistant for the Member of the Legislative Assembly in Calgary. Emily enjoys staying active in her community and fostering meaningful connections in both government and industry. Working with Investors Group for senior financial consultants allowed her to develop and streamline client management systems. This expanded her knowledge in securing clients and managing sensitive information with critical timelines. Emily has further honed her client expertise with her marketing background. She contributed to one of the largest social media strategies, the Coca-Cola Share a Coke campaign. She managed teams for high profile clients and implemented large scale promotional events at international festivals. Over the course of her work experience, she has demonstrated reliability, leadership and the ability to take on new and difficult challenges. She looks forward to contributing to the MDM program and pushing the boundaries of digital media.

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
3D Designer
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Movie Producer
Sound Designer

Projects: Vibes, Visual Candy