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Marco Cermusoni

Marco Cermusoni  | alumni

Class of: 
Dec 2017 (Cohort 11)

Business / Entrepreneur

As a project manager for Touring Club Switzerland, Marco created and led bilingual nationwide marketing campaigns in a corporate environment. Working as a key account manager and business developer in a trilingual advertising agency, Marco built the online division. He worked for clients like Swatch International, Porsche Switzerland and clients in other fields.

After finishing his degree as a Bachelor of Arts in Mass-Media and Communication Studies with a minor in business administration, he wrote his bachelor thesis on entertainment as a factor in digitally transmitted videos.

While at the CDM, Marco wants to incorporate his expertise in project management, his passion in storytelling, and develop his understanding of user experience and game engines in exciting digital media projects.

Skill Sets: 
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Project Manager

Projects: AR Force, Ground Six